Remember More News by Reading it in Print

For the past sixty years, numerous studies have investigated how people recall news across different media. A very recent study by the University of Oregon compared online news and print news.

They found that by reading your news in print you remember significantly more of the news stories, topics, AND the main points versus reading it online. But why?

Reasons print news has better recall:

  • Online news is short-lived; the article may be there one day and gone the next, implying it’s not worth remembering.
  • By reading a news story online, the article may be archived and accessible at any time making it unnecessary to store the news in your memory.
  • There are fewer distractions with print media compared to online; typically there are ads right in the middle of online articles.
  • Online newspapers give the reader a vast selection of readily available articles which can take away from an article’s importance.
  • Online news stories may take several clicks to different screens to finish the article, while print is fixed to one or two pages.

How should you incorporate print into your marketing mix? By using direct mail and catalogs.

According to the 2011 Direct Marketing Association Statistical Fact Book, “52.4 percent of consumers read direct mail from merchants. More than 53% found merchant mail ‘useful,’ while 16.8% responded to the merchant offers.” So with 300 mailers, you could possibly have 26 people responding to your offer.

In NewPage’s “#14 Getting Personal” publication, their sources found that “catalogs had the lowest cost per lead . . .“ and an average response rate of 4.92%.